Chess A major part of my autobiography.

Round Robins As a tournament director I used tables in the back of the book, then learned how they are constucted.

Print Chess Diagrams Paste from pgn position, has link for chess font.

Bingo Trying to see if I could use an algorithm to produce a random sequence; used here, in bingo boards, and on a round robin page.

Trivia Janet and I teamed with her sister and her husband to play a trivia game in Clinton named Four Shades of Grey in early 2015. It was a fun evening (winning best team name award) but it took a number of minutes before we knew what the final scores were. This page is a scoreboard for a four round trivia game, allowing the players to be sorted in the order they will be scored, then display the teams by score.

Sudoku I didn't write this one, but changed the colors, added a "return key goes to front of the next row" feature, and fixed a minor bug. Credit to the original author is on the page.

Cracker Barrel Peg Solitaire This tries every possible move in every possible position until it finds a solution, then shows it to you. The programming technique is called "recursion" since the main function calls itself many times, taking back failed moves then trying something else.