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The assignment of pairing numbers is a random process.  Number the competitors in a standard arrangement such as order in which they registered, alphabetical, seeded rankings, or ratings.  Pairing numbers will be on the bottom line.

If there are an odd number of competitors, specify that number--not the next higher number.  In using round robin generators, it is important that the highest even number be the "ghost" or missing opponent to equalize colors or home/away status.  For example, with seven competitors specify "7" here and "8" in the pairing generator.  Pairings against "8" mean that player or team has a bye in that round.

To generate round robin pairings, click here.  To show the schedules for each player, click here.  If your players can follow directions and write their own schedules, click here.

This may also be used for gift circles as each person would give to the person whose number is on the 2nd line.  As an example, for a family gift exchange with two couples and two singles assign one couple to the numbers 1 & 2, the other couple is 3 & 4, while the singles are 5 & 6.  Assuming no one is giving to themselves or their spouse (here anyway), enter "6" and each one would give to the person whose number is under their own.  If anyone would give to themselves or their spouse, press Enter again.  For small gift circles, it may be necessary to "Click (if necess)" several times.

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