It's been since Katrina slammed into Mississippi and Louisiana on Aug. 29, 2005 at about 9am. Hurricane Ida inflicted major damage to S.E. Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Katrina ago.
It's been since a tornado and windstorm hit north Jackson around noon on April 4, 2008.
The worst terrorist attack on American soil took place ago.
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For companies that have short bios of some employees on their web pages, the functions yearsMonths and yearsO will automatically age the date hired, wedding date, and/or birthdates throughout the year and nothing has to be changed. As an example:

I've been working at Kreative Kousins for and completed my first major project ago. I have been married to Joe Our older kids are and with the youngest at On my first day at Kreative Kousins I was given a cesta to be used in the intra-mural Jai alai tournament. ....

Unless you select the last day of a month, a simple subtraction finds the number of days. If the day of the end date is less than that of the beginning date, the ending day will be added to the number of days in the beginning month before the subtraction is made.  Note the difference between Jan 31 and Feb 28 will be one month in non leap years but 28 days in leap years.  If both dates are on the last day of the month, the difference in days will be set to zero--the only difference will be between years and months.  No adjustment is done for longer or shorter months.

To use the compDate function in your own pages you don't need the 2nd parm or the comma in front of it. Select "view source" (usually Cntl/U) for instructions on how to take it out.

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