VCR Not needed much now, but this calculates time vs counter readings given one hour reading and two hour reading.

Midpoint of 2 Times Calculates the midpoint of a pair of date-time strings or adds (or subtracts) a given amount to a date-time.

Comp Date Compares a date-time you specify with the current date-time and creates a text expression like "n years, m months, and x days" to be inserted in your text.

GPS Holding for later.

Password Gen Creates a random password with your specified options.

Time Sheet I needed this when I started my current position and had to keep up with my time.

Ranked Choice Voting Simulates elections where RCV (a.k.a. Instant Runoffs) is used. After Ronnie Musgrove beat Mike Parker for Mississippi Governor in 1999 with a razor thin plurality (there were two independent candidates), Rob Richie, president of FairVote, explained RCV in a guest editorial in the Clarion-Ledger. While it is better than Plurality or Top Two runoff in a crowded field, I have learned of a serious flaw, look for RCV Fails on that page. The systems Score, STAR, and Approval work better.

Fractal A facinating math formula showing more detail as you zoom in.

Spider Solitaire Counts number of plays that might be possible after a deal.

Frets Where fingers (or frets) go on a bowed or plucked string instrument.

Day of Week Converts date into day of week w/o the JavaScript date object.

Programming day-of-week from date.

Determine dates in your head. If you know today's date, you are all set.

Guesses your expiration date. Under construction.