Enter target sum on first row. On other rows give candidate amounts and (optional) a space and multiplier (example 20.00 4 for four twenty dollar checks).
The name comes from a routine on the program Hee-Haw ("four gazenda 20 five times"), but this page shows which items go into a specified sum. For example, you have written checks totaling about 800.00 but your bank balance only goes down by 310.25. To determine which checks have cleared, put 310.25 on the first line and the amounts of the outstanding checks on the next lines. If you have more than one check for the same amount, this page needs the amount, a space, and count of that size check. This page will run all combinations of cashed and uncashed checks on your list and give you the closest results first (Diff equal or near zero).

User assumes all risks such as more than one correct answer, other fees, mis-entered numbers, and/or extra/missing numbers.

Sample assumes checks totaling 532.72 have been cashed from six unique amounts and four checks of 32.53 each. We don't consider none.

If a Difference is negative, the sum of the items is too small; if more than zero, too much.