Mortgage or Loan Calculator for Two Week Periods

Enter Loan Information:
1) Amount of the loan:
2) Annual percentage rate of interest:
3) Repayment period in biweeks:
4) Date of loan MM DD YY:
Line No.:
Payment information:
5) 1st Payment MM DD YY:
6) Your biweekly payment will be:
7) Your total payments will be:
8) Your total interest payments will be:
9) Number of payments:
10) Your last payment will be:

You can specify a biweekly amount in line 5 and then press the TAB key.
To change the payment amount at a future date, note the line number of the last payment at the original amount, close the P.I. window, enter the line number at the prompt, then press the TAB key.

To enter, change, or remove the default interest rate and final closure date: Enter defaults. For a monthly schedule of constant 30 days, 10.5 hours (365.25 / 12) try Mortgage Test. For the usual monthly schedule click Mortgage.