Warren Porter's Webpage for NoteWorthy Composer® related files

Webpages to create or modify nwctxt or NWC clipboard data.

Since buying a copy of NoteWorthy Composer in 1998 I have created numerous files to help other choristers learn their part, hear how a song or piece of music is supposed to sound, or to provide accompaniment for what I play on the violin. In addition to listening to files others have submitted to Scriptorium and other sources, I am a frequent visitor to the NWC forums and have contributed tips on printing orchestra parts and creating various n-tuples. Since clipboard data created and read by NWC (in addition to their .nwctxt format) is text based, tools can be written to create or modify it.

If you need to run any of these when you won't have internet access, you may do a "Save As" from your browser. When run from your computer, an unlabeled checkbox may appear in the lower left--this was used to provide test data when I was working on it.
Web pages to open concurrently with NWC

Some of these have been converted to User Tool Scripts, check next column.
User Tool Scripts for NWC

The following are scripts to put on your PC and are installed through NWC. To install:
  1. "Save as" the script on your PC and note its location.
  2. Open any file in NoteWorthy Composer. Enter Alt/F8 to bring up "User Tools".
  3. Choose "New" and pick a Group and enter a Name for the script.
  4. Click "Browse", find the script, and click "Open". At the beginning of "Command", insert "wscript ". Note trailing space.
  5. If the script has a prompt (should be in first 10 lines), at the end of Command add a space followed by the prompt(s).
  • Dynamics Placement Move all dynamics up or down or to a specific place on the staff.
  • Multi Measure Rests Create or remove Multi-Rests and boundaries to collapse unused staves on a system.
  • Number Measures using your model measure number text entry; may be anywhere in first measure.
  • Resting Staff Turns a copy of a staff to rests for use when layering is needed.
  • Midi Triplets Converts two dotted 16ths and a 16th to triplet 8ths.
  • Time Text Displays cumulative time after bar lines.
  • Create Octave Changes notes to octave chords.
Scripts for The Semware Editor

I have used editors from Semware for twenty years but sometimes have to work around their lack of floating point in their script language.
  • nummeas.s Inserts measure numbers at bottom of barline
  • penta.s Converts to pentuplets
  • rmvdig.s If you included measure numbers as part of lyrics, this could take them out.
  • tchange.s Web page above does better job.
  • triplet.s Converts midi triplets into real ones.
  • wedge.s Inserts staccatissimo symbol above/below selected notes.
Various NWC files
This model lets you like to build your own page to manipulate NWC clipboard data. Save and modify as needed.

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