Chess A major part of my autobiography.

Round Robins As a tournament director I used tables in the back of the book, then learned how they are constucted.

Bingo Trying to see if I could use an algorithm to produce a random sequence; used here, in bingo boards, and on a round robin page.

Trivia Janet and I teamed with her sister and her husband to play a trivia game in Clinton named Four Shades of Grey in early 2015. It was a fun evening (winning best team name award) but it took a number of minutes before we knew what the final scores were. This page is a scoreboard for a four round trivia game, allowing the players to be sorted in the order they will be scored, then display the teams by score.

Sudoku I didn't write this one, but changed the colors, added a "return key goes to front of the next row" feature, and fixed a minor bug. Credit to the original author is on the page.

Cracker Barrel Peg Solitaire This tries every possible move in every possible position until it finds a solution, then shows it to you. The programming technique is called "recursion" since the main function calls itself many times, taking back failed moves then trying something else.