ascebc.cob.txt Assists with EBCDIC / ASCII conversions in COBOL
datec.c Converts number of days since Jan 1, 1901 to a date.
dated.c Converts a date to number of days since Jan 1, 1901.
genfont.c Describe all characters in a font as a web page.
GENFONT.EXE DOS executable.
GETENV.C Displays environment
mdump.c Displays hexidecimal dump of file
parseit.c Formats a comma delimited file into a COBOL record
reclay.c Creates a record layout of a COBOL record.
RECLAY.EXE DOS executable.
reclay.Z Unix executable.
CB7002.CO Cobol format with work file. Modify as needed.
COBFMU.CO Merges Cobfmt output with a model file.

Usage of COMP-1 was required on the compiler when this program was written for binary integers. Change it to COMP if need be or just drop it entirely.

In CB7002, add a few extra semicolons to the of cob.in lines after they are written as comments unless you change the code to do that for you.

These programs worked when I wrote them, but the user assumes all risks.